How to turn a Square Bum into a Round one!

How to turn a square bum into a round one

Are you tired of doing endless squats and lunges, only to end up with a flat butt? Would you like to know how to turn a square bum into a round one? Do you dream of having a perfectly round bum that turns heads wherever you go? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re diving into the world of butt workouts and giving you the ultimate guide to achieving that desired peachy shape. From exercises that target your glutes to tips on nutrition and recovery, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to transform your backside and rock those figure-hugging jeans with confidence. So, let’s get started on the journey to the perfect bum!

What are Glutes?

If you’re looking to build a round bum, then you need to focus on your glutes. These muscles are located in your butt area and consist of three main muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body and is responsible for helping you lift heavy objects and propel yourself forward when running or jumping. The gluteus medius and minimus, on the other hand, help with stability and balance.

To build your glutes, you need to incorporate exercises that target all three of these muscles. Squats, lunges, and hip thrusts are some of the most effective exercises you can do. Make sure to use weights that challenge you and increase the weight as you get stronger.

Diet plays a crucial role

But building a round bum isn’t just about exercise. Diet also plays a crucial role. Eating enough protein is essential for muscle growth, and cutting back on processed foods and sugar can help you shed excess fat. And don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drinking enough water keeps your muscles hydrated, which helps them grow.

So if you want a round bum, make sure you’re targeting your glutes with the right exercises and fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to grow those muscles. And remember, building a great butt takes time and effort, but the results are worth it!

So, if you’re looking to build those glutes, you need to pay attention to the muscles in your hips. They’re the key players in controlling the movements of your hips, which includes all the fancy words like “abduction” and “adduction,” as well as “internal” and “external” rotation. Basically, these muscles are what help you move your legs in and out, and twist them around. And when you work them out properly, you’ll start to see some serious improvements in your booty! So don’t skip those hip exercises – they might not be the most glamorous, but they’re definitely worth the effort.

Try these exercises to warm up and work your hips


How to turn a square bum into a round one


Hip Lifts

Hip Rainbow 

Hip Rainbow

Building strong glutes is a great way to improve your posture, reduce low back pain, and even enhance your athletic performance. Not only that, but having a perky butt can also boost your self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself. So, how can you build stronger glutes and turn that square bum into a round one? Well, the key is to focus on exercises that target your glute muscles, such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, and hip thrusts. You can also add some resistance bands or weights to intensify your workout and challenge your muscles even more. With consistency and dedication, you can achieve a strong and toned bum that will make heads turn. 

Building glutes through regular exercise routines does not require an expensive gym membership or special equipment. Simple exercises such as squats, lunges, hip thrusts, and other bodyweight workouts can be done at home with or without resistance bands. It is important to remember that consistency is key when working out any muscle group, including the glutes. Aim to incorporate glute-focused exercises two to three times a week and slowly increase the intensity and weight to prevent plateauing. 

How to turn a square bum into a round one.

Why Train Your Glutes?

If you want a bum that will turn heads and make your ex regret ever leaving you, then you need to start training those glutes! Having a strong and firm booty is not only great for looking good in jeans, but it’s also essential for everyday tasks like walking and running. Your glutes help stabilize your hips and pelvis, which in turn protects your lower back from injuries. 

Strengthening your glutes can also help you perform better in activities like squatting, jumping, and cycling, which can, in turn, improve your overall fitness. Plus, strong glutes can help protect your lower back and knees from injury during physical activities. 

Building strong glutes not only helps you achieve a round bum, but it also has other benefits like improving your posture. When your glutes are strong, they keep your core engaged, which reduces strain on other muscles in the body. This can lead to better alignment and less back pain. 

Common Misconceptions about Training Your Glutes

So, you want to build a bootylicious behind without ending up with a square bum? Well, there’s more to building glutes than just squats. Don’t get us wrong, squats are still an amazing exercise for the glutes, but they’re not the only one. A variety of exercises and equipment can be used to effectively target and build the glutes. For example, deadlifts, lunges, hip thrusts, and leg presses are all great exercises that can help you build a strong and shapely bum. Additionally, resistance bands, ankle weights, and glute bridges can also be used to add more variety to your glute training routine. So, don’t limit yourself to just squats if you want to build a killer butt. Dare to mix things up and try different exercises that target your glutes from different angles. You’ll be surprised at the amazing results you can achieve with a little bit of variety!

A deadlift in the gym.

Do not overtrain

Another thing that a lot of people get wrong is thinking that they need to work until failure in order to see results. But here’s the thing: overtraining can actually do more harm than good. You don’t want to end up injuring yourself or feeling completely exhausted all the time. Plus, if you overdo it, you might actually hinder your muscle growth rather than help it. So what’s the solution? It’s all about finding a balance. Push yourself, sure, but also make sure you’re giving your body enough time to rest and recover.

Take rest days when you need them, and don’t be afraid to listen to your body. At the end of the day, building muscle takes time, patience, and a little bit of trial and error to figure out what works best for you. But trust me, if you find that balance and stick with it, you’ll be well on your way to that bum you’ve been dreaming of.

It is important to understand that building glute muscles requires a combination of exercises, nutrition, and consistency.  Also, make sure to fuel your body with a healthy diet to provide the essential nutrients needed for muscle growth. With dedication and patience, anyone can achieve their desired glute shape and size with the right approach.

Pre-Workout Prep for Optimal Performance

Before jumping into a workout, make sure you’re taking the time to prep your body for optimal performance. Stretching is a great way to get your muscles warmed up and ready for exercise, so don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes loosening up those glutes. Dynamic warmups are another key component of a successful glute-building routine. Try incorporating moves like lunges, squats, and leg swings to get your heart rate up and your muscles firing on all cylinders. And of course, fueling your body with energy-rich foods is crucial for supporting muscle growth and keeping you energized throughout your workout. So load up on healthy carbs, proteins, and fats to give your glutes the power they need to work hard and grow strong.

Building a round bum may take some time, but with consistency and dedication, it is achievable. Remember, a proper diet and hydration are just as important as working out. So, make sure to fuel your body with the right nutrients and don’t forget to drink plenty of water to maintain your energy levels during your glute-building workout. Lastly, remain patient and stay motivated because good things come to those who work hard, and soon enough you’ll start seeing incredible results that will make your hard work worth it!

Drink plenty of water

The Best Exercises for Building Your Round Bum

Building glutes is all about targeting the right muscles with exercises that focus on strength and endurance. You need to work those glute muscles regularly with a mixture of exercises that target each muscle group in the buttocks. Different exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts can help you tone up your glutes, but it’s important to keep in mind that this is not an overnight process. 

The 6 Best Exercises for building your glutes

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Back Squat

Front Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat


Romanian Deadlift

If you want to have a round and toned bum, then you need to start incorporating some of these exercises into your workout routine. There are a ton of exercises that can help you build your glutes, but hip thrusts, squats, and deadlifts are some of the most effective ones out there. Hip thrusts are especially great because they really target your gluteus maximus muscle, which is the biggest muscle in your butt. Squats and deadlifts, on the other hand, are excellent total body exercises that will not only strengthen your glutes but also sculpt your entire lower body. So if you want to have a booty that looks like it was made for a pair of leggings, start doing these exercises now!

While squats and deadlifts are key, incorporating other exercises like lunges, Bulgarian split squats and step-ups can take your glute development to the next level. By incorporating these exercises in different forms, such as bodyweight or weighted, you can add variety to your workouts and avoid plateauing. 

Hip Thrust
Hip Thrust with Barbell

Implementing Variety to Keep Things Interesting

Doing the same old exercises day in and day out gets boring real quick, not to mention it can lead to a plateau in muscle growth. That’s why it’s important to throw in some variety and try out new moves. Think elevated split squats and single-leg deadlifts – these bad boys will challenge your glutes in ways they’ve never experienced before. And trust us, when your muscles are worked in new and different ways, that’s when you’ll see the maximum growth and start filling out those peachy jeans. So mix it up, keep it interesting, and get ready for some serious gains!

Mix up the Rep Ranges

When it comes to building glutes, mixing up the rep ranges for each exercise can be a game-changer. If you’re always doing the same number of reps with the same weight for each exercise, your muscles will adapt and won’t be challenged as much. Instead, try varying the weight used for each exercise and the number of sets and reps you do. For example, you could do heavy squats for 5 reps, then switch to lighter lunges for 12 reps. This will help target different muscle fibers and ensure you’re working all areas of your glutes. It’ll also keep things interesting and prevent you from getting bored with your workouts. Remember, consistency is key, but mixing things up can help take your glute gains to the next level!

Supersets and Drop Sets

Besides, incorporating supersets and drop sets into your glute building routine can give you the roundest bum you’ve ever dreamed of. Not only do these techniques challenge you, but they also increase muscle activation and growth. By targeting the glutes through different exercises and intensities, you are able to push them to their limits and achieve that coveted round shape. Plus, these methods can save you time at the gym while still providing an intense workout. So, whether you’re looking to build your butt or simply want to switch up your routine, adding supersets and drop sets to your workouts is definitely worth a try. Get ready to feel the burn and see results!

Elevated split squat
Single-Leg Squats 

Proper Form and Technique for Each Exercise

Building glutes is all about proper form and technique. Without correct posture and movement, you won’t engage the right muscles and you will expose yourself to potential injuries. If you want to target your glutes, it’s crucial that you perform exercises correctly, such as lunges, squats or deadlifts. These exercises are great for your lower body’s development, but if done improperly, they can cause harm to your back, hips, and knees. So, don’t rush into the process; instead, work on building strength and stability progressively. Focus on engaging your glutes throughout each exercise, as doing so will help you get maximum results while minimizing the risk of injury. 

Maintain Proper Form

If you’re looking to build a round bum, then maintaining proper form while exercising is crucial. One of the most fundamental things to keep in mind when training your glutes is to maintain a neutral spine alignment and a straight back during each workout. This will ensure that you’re targeting your glute muscles effectively and will help prevent injury. When your spine is aligned correctly, you’ll be able to activate your glutes more efficiently, leading to quicker gains in muscle growth and strength. So, the next time you hit the gym or do a home workout video, pay attention to your posture and make sure you’re keeping your back straight. 

Engage Your Glutes

If you want a square bum that looks great and feels even better, you need to know how to do squats and lunges the right way. These exercises are the best way to build your glutes, but it’s not just about going through the motions. You need to focus on pushing through your heels, which activates your glutes and helps you get the most out of every rep. And if you really want to feel the burn, add some weight to your squats and lunges. Just be sure you’re using proper form to avoid injury. When done correctly, these exercises are a game-changer for building a bigger, stronger butt. So next time you hit the gym, don’t forget to engage those glutes. 

Glute Bridges
Glute bridge exercise.

Post-Workout Recovery Protocols

It’s not enough to just kill it in the gym – you need to take care of your muscles afterwards if you want to see real results. This means stretching out those glutes, foam rolling to release any tension, and getting plenty of rest and hydration. And if you really want to go the extra mile, try taking an ice bath or using a massage gun to help speed up your recovery. 

It’s important to rehydrate properly. Not only does it help restore your electrolyte balance, but it also hydrates your muscles so they can repair themselves. And let’s be real, we all want to feel the burn when we’re working out, but we don’t want to be so sore that we can’t walk for days. That’s why rehydrating is essential for building those glutes without being in pain for days after. 

Taking It to the Next Level with Advanced Training Techniques

If you really want to turn a square bum into a round one, you need to focus on exercising the right way. One of the best ways to challenge your glutes is by increasing your reps and weights when doing Bulgarian split squats, donkey kicks, and reverse lunges. These exercises target your gluteal muscles in different ways, ensuring that you get a complete workout that will help you achieve a rounder and firmer backside.

In Bulgarian split squats, for instance, you work not just your glutes but also your quads and hamstrings. Donkey kicks, on the other hand, specifically target your glutes in a way that helps lift and tone them up. And reverse lunges are great for building total lower body strength while also hitting your glutes hard. Just remember to focus on good form and technique and to gradually increase the amount of weight you’re lifting as you progress.

Focusing on compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and lunges will help to activate the glutes and promote growth. Incorporating isolation exercises like hip thrusts, glute bridges, and cable kickbacks can also provide a more targeted approach to building the glutes. Additionally, multi-joint exercises like kettlebell swings and barbell hip bridges are great for building a strong and toned butt. Remember to challenge yourself with heavier weights and progressive overload to continue seeing progress in your glute gains. 

How to turn a square bum into a round one
Donkey Kicks


Now that you have all the tips and tricks of how to turn a square bum onto a round one, it’s time to put them into action! Remember, consistency is key when it comes to any workout routine. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away; it takes time and patience to build the muscles needed for a peachy behind. So, keep pushing yourself and stay dedicated to your goals. With a little bit of hard work and determination, you’ll be showing off your new backside in no time! Good luck and happy glute building!


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