Best Ankle Support for Running: A Review of the Best Ankle Supports

Best Ankle Support for Running

The Importance of Ankle Support for Runners

As a runner, I know just how crucial it is to have proper ankle support. Your ankles bear a significant amount of weight and impact while running, and without the right support, you are susceptible to injuries that can hinder your performance and even put you out of action. Ankle support not only helps to prevent injuries but also provides stability and enhances your overall running experience.

One of the main reasons why ankle support is important for runners is the prevention of ankle sprains. Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments that support the ankle joint are stretched or torn, usually due to a sudden twist or roll of the ankle. This type of injury is quite common among runners, especially when running on uneven terrain or when changing direction quickly. Wearing proper ankle support can help to stabilize the ankle joint and reduce the risk of sprains.

Best Ankle Support for Running

In addition to preventing ankle sprains, ankle support also helps to alleviate the strain that running places on your ankles. The repetitive impact of running can lead to overuse injuries such as Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. Ankle support can help to distribute the forces evenly and provide cushioning, reducing the strain on your ankles and minimizing the risk of these types of injuries.

Common Ankle Injuries in Running

Before we delve into the factors to consider when choosing ankle support for running, it’s important to understand the common ankle injuries that runners may experience. By recognizing these injuries, you can better assess your own risk factors and determine the type of ankle support that will be most beneficial for you.

Ankle sprains

These occur when the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint are stretched or torn. Ankle sprains can range from mild to severe, with symptoms including pain, swelling, and difficulty bearing weight on the affected ankle.

Achilles tendonitis

Inflammation of the Achilles tendon. This can result from overuse or excessive strain on the tendon, leading to pain and stiffness in the back of the ankle. Runners who frequently engage in uphill or speed training are particularly prone to this injury.

Plantar fasciitis

Is yet another injury that can affect runners. It is characterized by pain and inflammation in the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. This injury is often caused by repetitive stress or poor foot mechanics, and can be exacerbated by running on hard surfaces or wearing improper footwear.

By understanding these common injuries, you can proactively choose ankle support that addresses your specific needs and helps to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ankle Support

When it comes to choosing the right ankle support for running, there are several factors that you should consider. These factors will help you determine the type of ankle support that will best meet your needs and provide the necessary protection and stability while you run.

Level of support

If you have a history of ankle injuries or have weak ankles, you will likely need a higher level of support. Look for ankle support products that offer reinforced stability and compression to help prevent ankle twists or rolls.

Fit of the ankle support 

It should fit snugly around your ankle without being too tight or restrictive. A proper fit will ensure that the ankle support stays in place during your run and provides the necessary support and protection.

The material of the ankle support

Look for ankle supports made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials to keep your feet dry and comfortable during your runs. Additionally, consider the durability of the product, as you will want an ankle support that can withstand the demands of regular running.

Lastly, take into account any specific features that may be beneficial to you. Some ankle supports offer additional features such as adjustable straps or extra padding for targeted support and comfort. Assess your individual needs and preferences to find the ankle support that best suits you.

Different Types of Ankle Support for Running

Now that we have discussed the importance of ankle support and the factors to consider when choosing ankle support for running, let’s explore the different types of ankle support that are available on the market.

  • Ankle Braces: Ankle braces are a popular choice for runners as they provide a high level of support and stability. They are typically made of a rigid material and feature straps or laces for adjustable compression. Ankle braces are ideal for runners with a history of ankle injuries or those who require maximum support.

Best Ankle Support for Running

  • Ankle Sleeves: Ankle sleeves are another common option for ankle support. They are made of a stretchy and breathable material that provides mild to moderate support. Ankle sleeves are ideal for runners who want a balance between support and freedom of movement.

Best Ankle Support for Running

  • Compression Socks: While not specifically designed for ankle support, compression socks can still provide some level of support for the ankle joint. They work by improving circulation and reducing swelling, which can aid in the prevention of ankle injuries. Compression socks are a good option for runners who prefer a more lightweight and versatile form of ankle support.

Compression socks

  • Taping and Strapping: Another method of providing ankle support is through taping or strapping. This involves applying adhesive tape or straps directly to the ankle to provide stability and prevent excessive movement. Taping and strapping can be effective, but they require proper technique and may need to be re-applied regularly.

ankle tape

When choosing the type of ankle support that is right for you, consider your individual needs, the level of support required, and your personal preferences. It may be helpful to consult with a healthcare professional or a knowledgeable salesperson to ensure you make an informed decision.

Reviews of the Best Ankle Support Products

With so many ankle support products available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best for your needs. To help you make an informed decision, I have researched and reviewed some of the top ankle support products on the market.

1. BLITZU Ankle Brace: Best Adjustable Compression Support for Achilles Tendonitis and Joint Pain Relief

BLITZU Ankle Brace With Adjustable Compression Support Strap for Achilles Tendonitis, Joint Pain Relief.

The BLITZU Ankle Brace With Adjustable Compression Support Strap is a game-changer for individuals suffering from ankle discomfort due to injuries like sprains and tendonitis. This ankle brace is designed to provide instant pain relief while allowing freedom of movement, making it ideal for those recovering from sports-related injuries or minor accidents.

  • Adjustable Compression Support.
  • Comfortable and Supportive.
  • High-Quality Construction.
  • Limited Use for Plantar Instabilities.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/13/2024 10:57 pm GMT

One of the standout features of this ankle brace is its ability to offer immobilization with compression straps, ensuring that the ankle is supported and stabilized during movement. The high-quality nylon material and double-stitched seams not only provide superior support but also enhance breathability, making it comfortable for extended wear.

Best ankle support for running

The durability of this ankle brace is worth mentioning, as it is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements. The user-friendly design allows the brace to glide along with the wearer, ensuring a comfortable fit and long-term use. However, although the BLITZU Ankle Brace is effective for ankle sprains and Achilles tendonitis, users with plantar instabilities may find it less suitable for their specific needs, as it is primarily designed for ankle support.

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Customer Reviews

  • “This ankle brace was excellent quality. It was just stretching enough, and the velcro stuck really well. All I had to do was to slip it on and go, and it wasn’t bulky like a lot of them are. My ONLY issue was that it was a tiny bit too snug. I purchased and XL and wear a size 10 women’s in shoes. I do have a wide foot. Overall, great product.” (4 stars)
  • “Comfortable, supportive, fits in my shoe well. Great quality and I love the color options 🙂 I have MANY braces for a chronic ankle issue and was happy to find a fun and quality made one.” (5 stars)
  • “I did not realize this was a sleeve when I purchased it. I liked the straps and was hoping it work for my ankle instability. This is more for plantar fasciitis. I returned it; however, I would purchase if this were my issue.” (3 stars)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this ankle brace suitable for Achilles tendonitis?
    • Yes, this BLITZU ankle brace is specifically designed to provide support and relief for Achilles tendonitis. The adjustable compression support strap targets the Achilles tendon area, offering the necessary stability and comfort for recovery.
  • What sizes are available for this ankle brace?
    • This ankle brace comes in a size Large, which is suitable for most adults. The adjustable nature of the compression support strap allows for a customized fit to cater to different ankle sizes and shapes.
  • Can this ankle brace be worn inside shoes comfortably?
    • Absolutely, many users have reported that this ankle brace fits comfortably inside shoes without feeling bulky or causing discomfort. The sleek design and adjustable strap ensure a secure fit that doesn’t interfere with wearing your regular footwear.
  • Is this ankle brace suitable for sprained ankles?
    • Yes, this ankle brace is highly recommended for sprained ankles. The adjustable compression support strap provides the necessary compression and stability to help in the recovery process of a sprained ankle, offering comfort and support during the healing period.
  • Does this ankle brace provide long-lasting support?
    • Users have praised the durability and quality of this ankle brace, mentioning that it offers long-lasting support even with daily wear. The adjustable strap ensures that you can customize the level of support needed for different activities and stages of your recovery process.
  • Can this ankle brace be used for chronic ankle issues?
    • Many users with chronic ankle problems have found relief and support with this ankle brace. The adjustable compression support strap and comfortable design make it suitable for prolonged use, providing the stability and comfort needed for ongoing ankle issues.

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2. Incrediwear Radical Pain Relief Ankle Brace

Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve – Ankle Support for Women and Men (Black, Small/Medium)

This ankle brace, designed by Incrediwear, harnesses the power of blend Lycra Nylon materials to provide non-invasive support that increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

  • Effective Pain Relief.
  • Comfortable Fit.
  • Versatile Use.
  • Limited Compression.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/13/2024 09:23 pm GMT

If you prefer a more lightweight option, this ankle sleeve is worth considering. It provides moderate support while allowing for a full range of motion. The moisture-wicking material keeps your feet dry and comfortable, and the sleeve stays in place even during intense workouts. Customers appreciate the versatility of this ankle sleeve and its ability to provide support without being bulky.

Ideal for individuals suffering from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis, sprained ankles, ligament issues, and those in need of post-surgery support, this brace acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, alleviating pain and discomfort.

Whether you’re engaged in high-performance training, sports, or regular exercise, this ankle brace is suitable for optimizing performance, preventing injuries, and aiding in the recovery process for competitive and recreational athletes alike.

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Customer Reviews

  • “Only complaint I have is it fits correctly. I ordered this for compression and it does not compress so next time I order I will go a size down. Feels likeBest ankle support for running. it is good quality other wise. If you need compression go a size down.” (5 stars)
  • “It is very comfortable and it keeps my ankle warm so I am able to do things I haven’t done in months” (5 stars)
  • “I find this product to be comfortable, and it stays in place. I ordered the large and it offers just enough support. I recommend this product because it is easy to put on by yourself. I put mine on with a sock guard because I cannot bend my leg due to an injury.” (4 stars)
  • “I have tried a number of braces and compression sleeves for a ‘bone on bone’ ankle joint and this Incrediwear sleeve is by far the best and most comfortable.” (5 stars)
  • “love the brand have bought other products this one did not fit my small size 5 foot was way to long on the front had to return it sorry they do not have extra small they make an excellent product” (5 stars)

While some users may find the sizing a bit restrictive, the overall consensus is that the Incrediwear ankle brace delivers on its promises of pain relief and support.

If you are looking for a reliable and innovative solution to alleviate ankle pain and enhance recovery, the Incrediwear Radical Pain Relief Ankle Brace is a worthwhile investment that can help you stay active and pain-free.

3. The ARYSE IFAST Ankle Brace

ARYSE IFAST Ankle Brace - Great For Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer & More! (Medium, White, Pair)

The ARYSE IFAST Ankle Brace is a top-of-the-line ankle stabilizer designed for both men and women engaged in sports, outdoor adventures, or daily activities.

  • High Level of Support.
  • Comfortable Fit.
  • Durable Construction.
  • Complex Application.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2024 10:20 am GMT

With a focus on preventing injuries like sprains and rolls, this ankle brace is a reliable choice for athletes and active individuals looking for protection and support during their activities.

One key feature of the ARYSE IFAST Ankle Brace is its versatility, as it can be used on both the left and right feet, offering comprehensive coverage for all users. This ensures that individuals can rely on the brace for consistent support, regardless of the foot they need it for.

Another standout feature of this ankle stabilizer is its user-friendly design, providing a comfortable and secure fit similar to a glove. Unlike traditional lace-up braces, the ARYSE IFAST Ankle Brace offers the convenience of easy wear without the need for adjusting shoe sizes. It seamlessly integrates with most athletic shoes, allowing users to focus on their performance without worrying about their ankle support.

Customer Reviews

  • “Bought from a rec’ from another basketball player. They were expensive, but so far worth every penny, as my Freshman who plays 20+ games, andBest ankle support for running several practices a week has not had any ankle issues. Would purchase again.” (5 stars)
  • “I tore some ligaments a year ago and they have been slow to heal. I was back to playing some sports but kept aggravating my ankles so I decided to try some braces. This was the best of the ones I tried. They have helped but you can still roll your ankle just it as badly. Not sure why they are so expensive but hope they last for a while.” (5 stars)
  • “I should’ve read the reviews that addressed actual support. There is no possible way this product will prevent you from rolling an ankle. This item is made of spandex and soft rubber. Yes it fits snug, but if that’s what you want, get a compression sock.” (1 star

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4. Fit Geno Sprained Ankle Brace

Fit Geno Sprained Ankle Brace: Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer Support for Men Women (M/L, Right)

The Fit Geno Sprained Ankle Brace is a top-tier ankle support brace designed for both men and women, ideal for sports enthusiasts and individuals recovering from ankle injuries.

  • High-Quality Material.
  • Adjustable Design.
  • Comfortable Fit.
  • Limited Size Options.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

One of the key features of this brace is its adjustability, allowing for swift application and removal as needed. The lace-up design, combined with soft fabrics, ensures comfort and flexibility, making it suitable for prolonged wear.  Additionally, the brace is compatible with all types of footwear, providing both comfort and support without compromising on style or convenience.

Customer Reviews

  • “This brace is well made and provides a great fit and feel. Awesome support without being too tight or rigid” (5 stars) Best ankle support for running.
  • “I’ve been having problems with my ankles for a few years now. I usually use some kink of support to prevent sudden ankle movement while walking and also to give me relief from pain. This ankle support is very different from the ones that I’ve been using till now. The material is very durable and it’s well made. The other supports were very hard to put on and take off and caused stiffness after a few hours wearing them. This support on the other hand, is much easier to put on and take off and it doesn’t cause ankle stiffness, pressure on ankle or pain after having it on for a few hours. I definitely recommend it.” (5 stars)

Overall, customers seem to appreciate the quality of the material, the comfort of wearing the brace, and its effectiveness in providing support for various ankle issues. The positive feedback indicates that the Fit Geno Ankle Brace is a reliable choice for those in need of ankle support during sports activities or daily use.

5. Sleeve Stars Ankle Support for Ligament Damage

Sleeve Stars Ankle Support for Ligament Damage & Sprained Ankle
$33.95 ($16.98 / Count)

The Sleeve Stars Ankle Support is a versatile and effective solution for a range of ankle-related issues, including ligament damage, sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis.

  • Effective Support.
  • Comfortable Fit.
  • Versatile Use
  • Bulkiness.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2024 11:28 am GMT

Designed for both men and women, this pair of ankle braces offers targeted compression to enhance blood circulation, promoting faster recovery and relieving pain associated with various conditions.

One standout feature of these ankle supports is the adjustable support strap, which allows for personalized compression levels. This feature not only stabilizes the ankle but also helps prevent future injuries without restricting movement. Whether you are engaging in daily activities or sports, the Sleeve Stars Ankle Support provides the necessary support and comfort to keep you going.

Customer Reviews

The Sleeve Stars Ankle Support has received mostly positive feedback from customers, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users have praised its effectiveness in providing support and relief for various ankle issues such as sprains, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis.Best ankle support for running

One satisfied customer mentioned, “I transition to this from using a tie up ankle brace. I got this to help with recovery from an ankle sprain. Sleeve has enough compression for support. The additional strap helps with longer days being on my feet when extra support is needed. Very comfortable. Slight nuance is you can feel the end of the sleeve on the bottom of your foot. Took a little while to get used to it. Not noticeable when using the strap. Have been able to with sneakers without any issues. Overall like the support, mobility. I wear a women’s 8.5/9 and it fits perfectly.”

Overall, the Sleeve Stars Ankle Support seems to be a popular choice among users for its comfort, support, and effectiveness in aiding ankle recovery and pain relief. With its affordable price point and proven effectiveness, investing in this ankle brace could be a worthwhile decision for anyone looking to improve their foot health and recovery process.

Remember, the best ankle support product for you may vary depending on your individual needs and preferences. Consider the level of support required, the fit and material of the product, and any specific features that are important to you!

Tips for Preventing Ankle Injuries While Running

While ankle support is essential for preventing injuries, there are also other measures you can take to reduce the risk of ankle injuries while running. Here are some additional tips to keep your ankles safe and injury-free:

  1. Warm up properly: Before starting your run, make sure to warm up your muscles and joints. This can include dynamic stretches, such as ankle circles and calf raises, to increase blood flow and prepare your ankles for the upcoming activity.
  2. Gradually increase intensity: If you are new to running or returning after a break, it is important to gradually increase the intensity and duration of your runs. This allows your ankles to adapt and strengthen over time, reducing the risk of overuse injuries.
  3. Choose appropriate footwear: Wearing proper running shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning is crucial for ankle injury prevention. Look for shoes with good ankle support, a supportive midsole, and a cushioned insole that absorbs shock.
  4. Strengthen the ankle muscles: Incorporating ankle-strengthening exercises into your training routine can help to improve the stability and strength of your ankles. Exercises such as ankle circles, heel raises, and single-leg balance exercises can target the muscles that support the ankle joint.
  5. Pay attention to running surfaces: Be mindful of the surfaces you run on, as uneven or unstable terrain can increase the risk of ankle injuries. Whenever possible, choose well-maintained and even surfaces for your runs, and avoid running on slippery or unstable surfaces.
  6. Listen to your body: If you experience any pain or discomfort in your ankles while running, it is important to listen to your body and take appropriate action. Resting, icing, and seeking medical advice if needed can help prevent minor issues from becoming more serious injuries.

Uneven terrain

Exercises to Strengthen and Rehabilitate the Ankles

In addition to wearing ankle support and following preventive measures, it is beneficial to incorporate exercises that strengthen and rehabilitate the ankles. These exercises can help to improve the stability, flexibility, and strength of the ankle joint, reducing the risk of injuries. Here are some exercises to consider:

  1. Ankle Circles: Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Lift one foot off the ground and slowly rotate your ankle in a circular motion. Perform 10 circles in one direction, and then switch to the other direction. Repeat with the other foot.
  2. Heel Raises: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding onto a sturdy object for support if needed. Rise up onto your toes, lifting your heels as high as possible. Slowly lower your heels back down to the ground. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions.
  3. Single-Leg Balance: Stand on one leg, lifting the other leg slightly off the ground. Maintain your balance for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then switch to the other leg. As you progress, try closing your eyes or performing small movements, such as swinging your arms or bending your knee, to challenge your balance.
  4. Resistance Band Exercises: Attach a resistance band to a sturdy anchor point, such as a door handle or a pole. Loop the other end of the band around your foot and sit on the ground with your leg extended. Flex your foot and slowly pull the band towards you, resisting the tension. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions, then switch to the other foot.
  5. Calf Raises: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding onto a wall or a chair for support. Rise up onto your toes, lifting your heels as high as possible. Slowly lower your heels back down to the ground. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions.

Resistance band exercises

Incorporate these exercises into your regular training routine to strengthen and rehabilitate your ankles. Start with a few repetitions and gradually increase the intensity and duration as your ankles become stronger! 

I really hope these reviews help guide you to make the correct choice for your own individual circumstances!

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase something using my links. I only recommend products and services I’ve personally used and love. Thank you for reading!


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